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Cheap Vs Expensive Residential Painting Services in Perth

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Are you getting bored with the same old look of your residence and the current color combination seems very dull? Then it must need a repaint to become appealing on your eyes again. On the other hand a good paint job is also a part of the maintenance of your house too. One of the most responsible factors of residential painting in Perth, Australia is the weather of the country. The temperature varies from surface to weather as well. The ideal temperature while paint a residence is above 10°C and below 35°C all through the painting job.

Considering the above fact of temperature, the cost of residential painting depends. Interior and exterior design is other two factors of considering the budget of house painting. Beside, whether building a new residence or getting a new look for the old one, you must do some current market research considering budgets and quality before painting. Where exterior house painting costs in between $ 3000 to $ 30000, interior house painting costs in between $ 600 to $ 9000. The closing price depends on the no of rooms, sizes, types of paint, ceilings and trims etc. Professional house painters will charge $600 to $30,000 for their painting job.

Cheaper paint leaves a brush marks after applying it on the wall and gives a poor coverage as well. On the other hand, high quality paint gives a smooth coverage even in one coat only.

The difference between cheap Vs expensive residential painting:

Paint Particles:

The high quality paint is made of solvents, pigments and resins. Solvents are responsible to spread the color eventually by the painters and dry out faster, paint is responsible for the color and resin is responsible for the pigment of the paint. Cheaper paint is infused with the higher concentration solvents and contains large pigment particle. Large Pigment particles are responsible for leaving wall marks behind.


Quality paint is pricier than the rest because of its painting quality and durability. Cheaper paint will not deliver the same coverage and performance. Overlapping coats with the cheaper paint will not render the same quality as the expensive paint. As a matter, investing on cheaper price paint or painters will not be a wise idea. The financial decision maker may have to go for same painting to rectify the poor performance of cheaper color.

Saving Time:

Using quality residential painting will always save the time beside money. The cheaper one is time consuming as it will need extra coats and more time to dry out finally. While an expensive painting in the residence will take a day, the cheaper one might take a week instead.


Expensive painting will assure the staying power while a cheaper will fade away soon. As the cheaper paint is not durable enough, one will need to repaint sooner after paint with it in the residence.

Higher concentration solvent and large pigment particle of cheaper paint and quality concentration pigment with high grade resin of expensive paint are a great combination together for residential painting if you reach out for an expert painter near you.

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