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Things to look for before choosing a Commercial & Residential Painting Company

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Choosing the right painting company either for a residential or even a commercial business can be a daunting task. Regardless of the type and the size of the property all commercial projects need to be well planned and executed by skilled painters with excellent leadership and supervisors.

For house painters who tend to only do residential jobs, the logistics can be a little overwhelming. When you use cheap painters who specialize in commercial projects, however, you will be surprised by just how smoothly your project can run.

The important decision for you is to find a commercial painter who matches up with your requirements, timelines and budget. Here are some crucial things that you need to consider before hiring a commercial and residential painting company for your property.

Experience matters

Experience matters a lot. Be it a painting job or even an office desk job. Everyone looks for the experience. After all, we pay not only for the service provided; we also pay for the experience the person possesses. Before hiring anyone for a job, our subconscious mind runs a good deal of questions like; do they have proficiency in a similar type of property as yours? Some companies deal with large warehouses while others might do a range of projects from small office blocks to very large multi-story buildings. In both the scenarios, the experience might vary but it definitely matters

Genuine References

Most company websites provide customer testimonials and reviews, so it is essential to check out their websites. Online references are great but at times, you might also want to communicate directly with some of the clients of the commercial painter you are considering for your business. The more information you gather about your painting contractor, the more you will gain trust in them, simply because they have proof and evidence of their service. Well-respected house painters will always be proud and willing to stay in touch with their previous clients for repeat business.

Consider Customer Service and Communication

Is your potential painting contractor quick in replying to all your questions? Do they explain what will be the painting process and what would be the commercials for the painting project? Every commercial & residential painting company in Perth maintains great communication with their customers. This is one of the most crucial elements you should pay attention to when hiring cheap painters for your property.

However, if the painting contractor is reluctant to answer your calls or specific questions, it is a clear sign that its time; you should start looking for another painting professional.

Hire Licensed and Insured Painter

It is always better to hire a licensed and insured painter. You never know, accidents don’t come informed. If an unlicensed painter faces an accident, while working on your property, you will be solely responsible for his medical expenses whereas a qualified painter will act professionally and deliver service as promised.